Black Owned Fashion & Beauty Brands

June 13, 2020

Since May 25th, 2020 I have been actively listening to black voices and learning about systemic racism. I am and have always been against racism, but in the past weeks my eyes have been opened to the fact that racism is much more deeply entrenched in society and white mentality than I previously believed (a fact I’ve now learned I’ve been ignorant to because of my own white privilege). It should not have taken such extreme circumstances for us to educate ourselves and take action, but I have been reading, listening, donating and taking the time to figure out how I can do better in my daily life and also online. So to start, I have been researching Black owned fashion and beauty brands, and wanted to share some of my favourites below. I love Lemlem’s summery pieces, Cushnie’s fun and elegant evening wear, the sophisticated style of Wales Bonner, Mateo’s colourful and unique jewelry (I am a sucker for freshwater pearls!), and KNC’s natural beauty products. Please share in the comments below any Black owned fashion & beauty brands that you love too!