Canadian Summer 2017

September 8, 2017

Summer flew right by! Albeit was shortened for me, since I moved to Hong Kong in August! Even though it was a shorter summer, and colder and rainier than last summer, it was still a great one. Summer felt like it really started when Zane got home! I hadn’t seen him since France in April and it was soooo good to reunite with him in Bahamas for a weekend and then fly back to Toronto together. I was actually a tiny bit sad that I would really only have a month and a half of summer in Ontario. I had been desperately looking forward to summer all winter, especially since last summer was the most fun with Zane, and there were so many things I wanted to cram in! But in the end, my shortened summer was filled with all the things I was most excited for anyways – Zane coming home; yummy food; spending time at home with family and my dog Enzo; glamping and exploring Prince Edward County and all it’s vineyards (I had been wanting to do this mini trip for a year!), BBQ’s and eating outside as much as possible; spending time up north at the cottage with friends and watching those amazing sunsets. So yeah, amazing summer and zero complaints!

We went glamping in Prince Edward County, which is a wine region in Ontario. This was our tent! Complete with plumbing, a hot shower, a stove, and a fire pit.

I can’t recommend Fronterra Farm in Prince Edward County enough. It is such a cool place!

We took a canoe ride one evening to watch the sunset and have a bottle of wine we picked up from one of the vineyards we visited that day.

Pizza at Norman Hardie Winery, this was seriously the best pizza I’ve ever had!

One vineyard had lambs running around! I was ecstatic.

Dinner ingredients fresh from the farms garden, which we cooked in our outdoor kitchen.

David’s Pavlova!

Zane and I made homemade pasta one night. It was a success!

These next few sunset photos are from the same night, and are not edited. The colours were that magnificent and changed so many times, it was surreal. Hands down the best sunset I’ve ever experienced!

Power yoga every morning in the boat house. One of my favourite things about Muskoka in the summertime!