Clogs and Lockdown Existentialism

May 11, 2021

When the lockdowns first started over a year ago now, and everyone was buying sneakers and sweatsuits, I flat out refused. I didn’t want to succumb to what would be the inevitable – months on end of nowhere to go. Getting into the sweats and sneaker trend felt like giving up to me. So I continued to purchase “going out” attire – sparkly and embellished shoes, boots with the highest heels, dramatic dresses and blouses, and so-on. I was trying to dress my way out of reality. But it didn’t work. And it saddens me to say, the high heeled Isabel Marant boots I lusted after and finally got for Christmas, have barely been worn save for that one trip to the florist around the corner on a Sunday. I started wondering if I should maybe just give up and give in. But then JW Anderson introduced their gold-chain embellished clogs, and I thought maybe there was an alternative fo me. They are flat and comfortable enough that I can truly wear them everyday – walking the dog, getting groceries, around the park and even inside the house. But also – the exaggerated, huge gold chain! The colours! The leather or suede options! They take the humble utilitarian clog and make it fun, luxe, and special – definitely not the kind of shoe you feel like you’re settling for, or in my case, giving in for.

I don’t know why it took me so long to finally buy the clogs – they first came on my radar back in February I believe. But when they arrived last week and I slipped them on, I felt really happy! Maybe it’s because unlike my other purchases, I could actually wear them out that day. And the day after that, and after that, and for infinity and beyond. Maybe it seems silly to talk so highly of clogs, but for the reasons mentioned above, I love them. And this is a trend I am fully embracing and thrilled to have back.

My favourites clogs are, of course, the JW Anderson’s, which are quickly gaining cult status if they haven’t already, and are getting increasingly harder to find! I scoured the internet for the last pair of yellow suede ones in my size. Because of their cult status, and that there are so many options ranging from classic black or brown leather to statement colours in suede (someone get these pink ones!), I made a separate category for this brand. Below I linked to some JW Anderson clogs currently available in a variety of styles AND sizes, so get them while you still can and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

But there’s more! Keep scrolling down and I have linked to more clogs that have caught my eye. I love the platform clogs by Ancient Greek Sandals, the 70’s classic clog from Re/Done and of course these purples ones from Miista (purple isn’t for everyone but it is definitely for me – they also come in green and black).

JW Anderson Clogs

More Clogs!