For the Moms: A Gift Guide

May 2, 2021

Mother’s Day is a week away, and I’ve been thinking about my own mom a lot lately. Because of the pandemic and the fact that we live in Germany, an ocean away from our family, I haven’t been able to see my mom much this past year. We couldn’t get home for Christmas, and we had to postpone our Bahamian wedding that was supposed to be in February for a third time, which meant I didn’t get to see my mom then either. I missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, her birthday, and now Mother’s Day. My mom is always looking after other people, all our pets, and putting everyone else before herself, and because we had to miss out on so much family time together this year, it was really important for me to get her something extra special to show her how much we love her. When I saw this gold and heart-shaped diamond necklace, I knew it was the perfect gift for her. She never buys herself jewelry and this is such a special piece I know she will love, and I hope she thinks of us and how much we love her whenever she wears it.

I really hit the jackpot in the mother department, because I also have the most amazing mother-in-law. I feel like there is a running joke in society about how terrible in-laws can be, and I honestly can’t relate to that in the slightest. My in-laws are awesome, and my mother-in-law has treated me like a daughter and acted as my mother even before my husband and I got engaged. I love her dearly, and we decided to get her caviar, champagne and a balloon gram this year for Mother’s Day! I hope that when she sits down next Sunday to eat her caviar and sip champagne (her favourite things), surrounded by a dozen balloons, she feels surrounded by our love and enjoys the happy and fun moment/experience we created for her.

So those are our two gifts this year for our moms – a sentimental and special piece of jewelry, and a fun experience with some of her favourite things. I also wanted to share some other gift ideas, all of which are either things I have gotten for our moms in the past, things that I use and love, or that one of my mom’s uses and loves, to help give you some inspiration. I kept this list short so as not to overwhelm, but I can personally speak to each of these items, all of which are high quality and special and sure to bring joy to the most special woman.

And last but not least – what is Mother’s Day without a bouquet of flowers? The two go hand-in-hand, and my absolute favourite place to order flowers from in Toronto is Moswn Flowers. Check out this small, woman-owned business for the most unique and gorgeous flower arrangements you’ve ever seen. Much more than just a bouquet, her arrangements are true works of art.