We just got back from two beautiful weeks on Harbour Island in The Bahamas. On June 15th they opened the island up to homeowners, so we travelled and stayed with my in-laws. It was absolutely wonderful to be back on the island, “home of the friendly people” as the welcome sign states, and indeed it is!

Many people have asked what it was like being there right after borders opened in the wake of covid. There have been zero cases of covid on the island, and we had to get a negative covid test to enter. It was a little surreal to see the island so quiet without the usual population of tourists. The beach was for the most part completely empty, restaurants were closed and there was a 9pm curfew. Harbour Island is a tourist based economy, and so the border closures hit them very hard right at the start of their peak business season. The locals were obviously very eager to have tourists back and contributing to their economy, and at the same time rightly concerned about coronavirus and it spreading to their small island with limited medical facilities and supplies. Since July 1st it has opened up to commercial travel, so definitely consider visiting this beautiful country (that is only 3 hours from Toronto!) but do get a negative covid test before entering and follow the laws they have in place there to protect their citizens. There is a way to travel safely and it is absolutely worth it!

One of the things I love most about Harbour Island is that it is such a unique and special place with it’s very own aesthetic and vibe. Colourful colonial houses line the streets, with white picket fences and flowering gardens and trees. It’s both rustic and luxurious at the same time. The place definitely inspires me to dress up more, but to also go barefoot and not wear any makeup. You can see more of my Harbour Island outfits on my Instagram stories under “Rosalita”, but I’ll also link to some throughout this post and include a bigger overview at the bottom.

I started every morning with a long walk down Pink Sands Beach. At the cottage we live on a little island where you can’t go for any sort of lengthy stroll, so I particularly appreciated this change of pace and different start to my day. The colours are so beautiful right when the sun is starting to rise too.

Toes in the sand and wearing my favourite kaftan by Anokhi. I first discovered this brand in Jaipur, but Sip Sip on Harbour Island also sells their block-print kaftans, so I picked up a second one this trip. I would throw a kaftan on every morning for my walk. The pineapple photo is from inside our outdoor shower in our bedroom, how incredible is it with the vines creeping up the wall?

Wearing this swimsuit, my all-time favourite one piece for water activities, like diving off boats and not worrying about losing an item ;).

We had an amazing day boating around Eleuthera and Spanish Wells with Daddy D one day. We stopped at this sandbar in the middle of the ocean and it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. I’m already planning on doing it again with my girlfriends next February on my bachelorette, and I definitely recommend doing this on your next trip to the Bahamas! To be standing on a small sandbar, completely surrounded by miles of deep ocean water, with a rosé or Kalik in hand is a particular kind of bliss!

Zane and I had a little afternoon date one day where he taught me how to drive the Moke (only golf carts are driven on the island!). We went to visit the famous Lone Tree, which is supposedly a piece of driftwood that arrived during Hurricane Andrew completely upright. We were surprised to see a tiny, leaf-filed branch growing out of a crevice and a birds nest, so maybe it’s not so alone anymore? We also stopped to admire this white picket fence with pineapple carvings and beautiful bougainvillea, located just across from Dake’s Shoppe if you’re ever in town.

I got this blue Positano dress from Blue Rooster on Harbour Island, but I found it in white here. My canvas fedora that I am obsessed with I got from Dake’s Shoppe, but you can get it online here.

My favourite find – these 19th century, mother-of-pearl antique Chinese gaming tokens turned into earrings, that I bought from Shine. I found a pair being sold on etsy here or you can order and make your own here.

Twirling in the most comfortable and flowy silk dress, also from Shine.

I absolutely love the boutique shops on Harbour Island. Blue Rooster, Dake’s Shoppe, The Sugar Mill and Shine are my favourites. If you look at my Instagram stories, you’ll see I got some amazing items from each of these stores during our trip. The shopping on this tiny island is incredible.

Look at that water! It stops my breath every time.

Nothing beats stone crab claws and a cold glass of rosé on a hot and humid day. Island living at its finest.

I got my Z bracelet here. My beaded bag I got in Berlin but found it online here, and also found a similar style here. My dress is here.

I got the most questions about this silk dress! This colour is sold out, but it’s in a beautiful army green here, and on sale too! Also in a lovely pale pink here and orange here. Found my butterfly sandals here and here. My friend Laura said they are the “perfect fancy non fancy” summer sandals and I couldn’t agree more! If I wasn’t going barefoot for dinner I was wearing these.

Alfresco dining is a luxury for me, and being Canadian and living in Germany, there is a very short window during the year that allows for it. We had dinner on the lawn under the stars one night and it was magical.

Dress is from a couple seasons ago, but same brand and similar style here. It is unbelievably comfortable!

I never met a baroque pearl I didn’t like. I got this one from Sip Sip, but I’ve also bought baroque pearl jewelry online and I love this similar one here. I also have this baroque pearl hair clip that I wear all the time.

I am so grateful we were able to travel to Bahamas and spend two weeks there. A great thing about this trip was that I was able to meet more of the locals and permanent residents, and learn about all the different ways they are working to support their community during this pandemic. I felt uplifted and inspired after many conversations, and really appreciate how I got to know the island and its people just a little more personally, formed new relationships and deepend old ones, and made some friends. I’m counting down the days until we can return next February, and see all those friendly faces again!

Have you ever been to Harbour Island? What are some of your favourite places and memories there? Let me know in the comments below!

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