Knit Dresses

January 25, 2022

I love knit dresses. I think they are the perfect piece for when you’re lounging around at home but want to look and feel a little bit dressed-up, a little more elevated. But they’re also great for when you have somewhere to go outside of the house, too. For example, I took this dress I’m wearing from a day to night look by adding a Paco Rabanne gold chain belt and heeled leather boots for date night. The right knit dress can be so versatile, which is ideally how most pieces should be in your wardrobe. (The exact dress I’m wearing is sold out, but the same brand – JOSEPH – has it in a new but very similar color, here! I can’t recommend this dress enough and I received compliments every time I wear it).

My one hurdle with knit dresses is finding ones that are free of polyester and made of virgin materials (think wool, cashmere, cotton – anything that is easily biodegradable). I try my best to avoid purchasing clothes made from poly materials for both environmental and quality reasons. This usually means higher prices for materials like wool and cashmere, and as such, the knit dresses I do purchase tend to be investment pieces as they are a little pricier than those made from polyester. But that’s ok, because it means I put a lot of thought into my purchase, take really good care of it, and I know what I’m purchasing is high quality and will last me for years and years to come. It is a true joy to slip on one of my knit dresses because they are such luxurious, special, and timeless pieces.

In my research, I have found that Mara Hoffman designs beautiful knit dresses out of organic cotton at a reasonable price point – I’m particularly obsessed with the fit and sleeves on this one and think I might need to pre-order it! And this wool and cashmere dress by Allude is another one at a reasonable price point for cashmere. The ribbed cotton and cashmere dresses by SKIN have the lowest price point I’ve seen for virgin materials, and I adore the polo collars. And lastly, I love the bright colors of these oversize cashmere maxi dresses by Jardin des Oranges, I think they’re perfect for Spring!

Below are more of my favorite, polyester-free knit dresses available now. xx