Local Favourite: Shine, Harbour Island

March 14, 2021

I’m excited to introduce a new series to my site called Local Favourite, which will feature my favourite local businesses from both my travels and the places I live. I am lucky enough to travel frequently to Harbour Island, Bahamas, and just got back from a wonderful 6 week stay there. So to start off my new Local Favourite series, I wanted to shine a spotlight on one of my favourite local businesses on the island, Shine! (pun very much intended)

Shine is a shop on Harbour Island, Bahamas, right across from the fisherman’s dock and run by local artisan/owner Stephanie. Shine is truly a treasure trove of fashion, jewelry, accessories, homeware, art and more. Stephanie is an incredibly talented artist herself, who takes inspiration from the beauty she sees everyday on the island and brings it to life in both wearable art and art for the home. She makes the most beautiful silk clothing, dazzling jewelry of gemstones and pearls, art that ranges from collage to delicate and intricate hanging jellyfish, and so much more. In addition to what Stephanie creates herself, she has an incredible eye and sources the most unique pieces from around the world, including what she picks up during her own travels (Stephanie is an avid traveller). It is the type of place you go and find things you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I keep coming back to the word “treasure” when I think of Shine, because that’s exactly what you find here. I lost count of how many times I went into Shine during my last trip to Harbour Island, but I do know I needed to use an extra suitcase to transport all of my treasures back to Germany!

If you’re lucky enough to visit Harbour Island, head over to Shine for unique souvenirs that you will treasure for a lifetime. Scroll down to see some photos of Shine and a few of the pieces I purchased during my last visit. I’m already looking forward to seeing Stephanie again in November, (when we’re there for our wedding!) and checking out all that is new in her shop!

I have a similar shell box to this one that I also got from Shine when I was on the island last June, that’s currently in our Toronto home. I haven’t been in Toronto since last summer, so seeing it again made me happy!

I love the silk clothing Stephanie makes, and this vibrant floral print set was no exception. The pink striped straw bag is also something I purchased from Shine, and was handmade in Mexico.

An early birthday present. I was struck when I saw this vintage diamond ring at Shine.

I fell for this framed collage made by Stephanie. It’s currently sitting on my vanity, and I think when we move into our house this summer I will keep it in our master bathroom because it reminds me of the ocean. The small green and gold plate is another find from Shine that I use as a ring/small jewelry catchall dish.

I love the colours in this vintage quilt Stephanie sourced during one of her trips to Jaipur. Here it is hanging on our quilt ladder in our apartment in Germany. My husband loves it too, and I think we will need to pick up another one just for him on our next visit!