My Wishlist 08.26.21

August 27, 2021

I first saw this floral knit sweater by &Daughter in the autumn of 2020 and instantly loved it. But the price seemed high and I was never able to fully commit, so it sat in my wish list for months. Then, almost 9 months later, I got a notification that it had come on sale and was now 60% off! I immediately added it to my cart and purchased. Moral of this story? Keep a wish list and set up notifications! This sweater had been on my mind for soooo long, and to finally be looking at it in my closet instead of online feels really special!

So I thought it would be fun to share what else is currently on my wish list at Net-A-Porter, one of my favourite places to shop at online. One of the big reasons I love Net-A-Porter is their Net Sustain section, which makes shopping for more sustainably conscious fashion much easier.

Currently my wish list is mostly fall pieces, with some warmer weather pieces thrown in because we are (hopefully) going to be in the Bahamas in November for our wedding ceremony. Boho blouses, denim, cozy knits, leather, and transitional dresses are catching my eye these days. While my heart truly aches that summer is almost over, I also can’t wait for autumn and all cozy, fall layering outfits!