Pizza, Pinot & Piers

May 24, 2018

Yesterday was my 27th birthday! I sometimes (ok all the time) can’t believe how fast time flies and being a 20-something adult sometimes feels strange, but 27 feels awesome and I am so excited to see what this year brings.

It still seems like literally yesterday my parents were throwing me the most over the top birthday parties. We had huge jumping castles, silly string wars, magicians and princesses, and everyone in the class was invited. One year we even had horse rides on my front lawn. And no birthday was complete without my Dieda (what we call my Grandpa) busting out his accordion and singing me happy birthday at the top of his lungs. Oh and of course my mom made the most epic birthday cakes. One year was a beach themed cake, with blue jello as the water, a volley ball net, and little teddy grahams sun bathing and swimming – my mom even drew on swim suits for them in icing. I’m lucky to have had so many memorable birthdays and I love reminiscing about those good ol’ days. But then I quickly remind myself – I am still in the good ol’ days! And my birthday this year was just as special.

I felt the birthday love as soon as I woke up in the morning. I already had birthday wishes from friends, family and loved ones back home, even though it wasn’t my birthday yet back in Canada! Zane sang me happy birthday and just put me in such a happy mood and got me really excited that it was my birthday! That evening, we celebrated with a sunset picnic on the pier in Kennedy Town – famously called “instagram pier” because of its prime location for watching the sunset. I told Zane weeks before that this was how I wanted to spend my birthday, and he made sure it was perfect. I’m a huge fan of picnics and I knew I just wanted to relax, eat good food, drink good wine, and spend time with him. I had it all pictured in my head, but it’s supposed to be the rainy season now so I was a little nervous that this picnic wouldn’t work out. As luck would have it, it turned out to be a perfect evening! Warm, not too humid, and not a cloud in the sky! Our very favourite pizza restaurant Alvy’s is also in Kennedy Town, so Zane went and picked up two pizzas after he finished work and met me on the pier with a bottle of wine and a picnic blanket. We snagged a spot along the water where we had a perfect view of the sunset as well as the skyline. We sat & talked & kissed & ate & drank as the sun went down, the city lit up and the nighttime squid fishermen came out on the pier. Zane gave me the sweetest card that maybeeee made me shed a tear and I got to facetime and talk with everyone in my family. Going to bed that night I was overflowing with happiness for  my birthday, my life and everyone who is a part of it. My birthday this year also made me realize (and not that I don’t think about this on other days of the year, but it was particularly poignant on my birthday) just how lucky I am to have so many loved ones – family and friends – that make my life so, so good. So thank you family and friends – your love means everything to me and I send it all right back to you!

These last two photos are what happens when I ask Zane to smile for a photo. “This is me acting natural” he says haha.