Pregnancy Style: FRAME’s “Le One” Jeans

May 17, 2022

I feel like I should start off by emphasizing – these are not maternity jeans! Now let me explain…

When I first found out I was pregnant and my body was beginning to change, I was adamant that I did not want to buy maternity clothing. I felt like it was a waste of money, and I wanted to try and work with what I had and choose new pieces that could be used beyond pregnancy. While I have since changed my tune slightly on maternity wear, these jeans very much fall into the non-maternity category, and are ones I will continue to wear long after I give birth.

Remember the movie “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants”? That’s what these jeans remind me of. FRAME’s “Le One” jeans, the newest addition to their sustainable denim collection, are size spanning, ultra-stretch denim. They come in only 3 sizes, and each size stretches to fit a range of 5 different waist sizes. I know, I also thought it sounded too good to be true. There’s no way a good quality denim could stretch enough to fit 5 different sizes, and still maintain its shape. But then I found myself in NYC back in March, right around the time my normal denim jeans were starting to feel too tight and uncomfortable to wear, and I walked past the FRAME store on Madison Avenue. I decided to pop in and try on a pair of these wonder jeans. I’m normally a size 25, so I went with the size 1, which is meant to span a size range of 23-28. As luck (or rather, their new denim technology) would have it, they fit me perfectly. They were sooo much more comfortable than my regular jeans, which kept digging into me and required the undoing of buttons anytime I ate or had to go to the bathroom. I immediately purchased them, and for the next month, they became the only jeans I wore as my body continued to change and expand. When I was back in NYC again in April, I picked up a second pair. And here I am now, end of May and 23 weeks pregnant, and I’m still wearing these jeans. They continue to fit my expanding body and maintain their shape, and I’ve been recommending them to everyone – pregnant or not.

The fact is, our bodies change! Weight fluctuates for a variety of reasons. And that’s why I think these jeans are so amazing – they’re made with our real bodies and real life in mind. Long after I give birth, I won’t have to think twice about slipping into a pair of jeans after a delicious vacation in Europe for example, where I’ve happily indulged in all the gelato or croissants to my heart’s content. I’ll have these trusty, never-let-me-down jeans to slip into. And thinking more shot-term, I’m happy I’ll have a couple of go-to pairs of jeans to take me throughout my pregnancy and postpartum journey. They really are “le one”.

Since these jeans are still pretty new, they only come in a few styles so far. I have the “Crop Mini Boot” in both the light and dark wash, and have my eye on the “Skinny Crop” for fall. Below are some more styles I’ve found available online for you. I hope they bring you as much comfort as they’ve brought me! xx