Style Notes: The Bodysuit

November 27, 2020

Bodysuits might be the everyday uniform of ballet greats, but a good bodysuit is a wardrobe essential for the everyday person as well. I believe they look best when paired with a tutu and pointe shoes, but I like to wear mine slipped under a pair of jeans or as an easy, no-tuck solution with a skirt.

While on the hunt for the perfect bodysuit, I had a lot of trouble finding one that wasn’t completely made of polyester, nylon or acrylic. Why does this matter? Because these are synthetic materials, created through an industrial manufacturing process in which petroleum, a fossil fuel, is extracted from the earth and mechanically transformed into fibers for clothing. The resulting fiber is actually a plastic. In fact, polyester is made of the same exact material used to make plastic bottles.

I’m on a mission to reduce my plastic consumption as much as possible, and this includes the clothes I buy. Before purchasing new clothes, I read the labels carefully and try to avoid purchasing anything new made of synthetic materials. For some products (like bodysuits) this can be really difficult! So while I was on the hunt for the perfect bodysuit to add to my capsule wardrobe, I saved all the bodysuits I found that didn’t contain any polyester (or other ‘poly’ material), nylon or acrylic, and have linked them all below for your convenience. If you’re looking to add this staple piece to your wardrobe, I hope these options help you find that perfect (and more sustainable) piece! xx