Summer Jewelry

July 22, 2021

I want my jewelry in the summertime to really emulate what summer is all about – which to me is happiness, excitement, having fun and not taking life (or yourself) too seriously! I love to highlight the joie de vivre of summer by choosing playful pieces with lots of bright colours.

Back when I was a preteen, I would make my own fun summer jewelry at camp, with big plastic beads and coloured string. Now in my 30’s, my approach is slightly different 😉 I want to invest in jewelry that will last, so I look for pieces made of precious and semi-precious gemstones, untreated crystals, pearls, and solid gold or silver (because even plated jewelry fades over time). For example, my smiley face necklace in the photo above is actually made of mother-of-pearl and agate beads, with a gold lobster clasp fastening. It’s uplifting, joyful, a little whimsical and made with high quality materials that last. I like to layer it with my double rainbow crystal necklace from Jia Jia, a new-to-me brand that designs the most beautiful pieces from untreated crystals and gemstones. Another favourite of mine is Melissa Joy Manning – her pieces are made from recycled 14-karat gold and silver. But for sure my favourite designer for beautiful, colourful and joyful jewelry is Marisa Klass, a Toronto-based jewelry designer. She designed my pink sapphire and tourmaline cluster ring that I received as an anniversary gift from my husband, and I absolutely adore it! It reminds me of a burst of cherry blossoms or pink clouds on a summer sunset. She’s also newly available on Moda Operandi or you can order directly through her website or Instagram.

Whatever your personal style or preference, I think it’s very worthwhile to take time and invest in high quality pieces that will last for years, hopefully a lifetime. Below I’ve linked to some of my favourite pieces by my favourite designers for fun, colourful summer jewelry that you can wear for endless summers to come! xx

P.S: Next on my wishlist is one of the TBalance Crystal bracelets or necklaces, how cute are they!? I also think they would make great gifts!