Summer Skincare Routine

June 22, 2020

I’ve been somewhat obsessed with skincare for the better part of my 20’s, and for years my friends have come to me for skincare recommendations or advice, so I thought I would share my “simple” summer skincare routine. I say “simple” because in the age of 20-step skincare routines and endless products, I think my summer skincare regimen is actually quite minimal and accessible, but highly effective. I’ll explain my routine here, and then link everything again at the bottom of this post for you.

I start every morning with a probiotic. I use Thorne Research – FloraMend Prime Probiotic because in my opinion it is one of the best on the market and doesn’t contain any synthetic fillers. True skin health starts from within, and research shows that a healthy gut is key to balancing hormones and having healthy, glowing skin, so this is definitely my most important step. Next I wash my face with The Body Deli Sage and Grapefruit Cleaner. I’ve never had a cleanser that I love until this one, and it leaves my skin feeling super refreshed. Since it’s summer and I’m normally spending a good portion of the day outside, I skip applying Vitamin C in the morning. This is because Vitamin C makes your skin very sensitive to the sun, and that’s not something I want to worry about in the summer when I’m outside, even with sunscreen and a hat on. So I usually just apply a small amount of the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Face Oil. The Virgin Marula oil is very stable and doesn’t oxidize as quickly as other oils, which means its antioxidant properties last much longer. You still have to be careful about storing it (in a cool place, and never leave it open!) but its effectiveness lasts the whole bottle. I don’t think many people realize how fragile oils and serums can be and that they may lose their effectiveness when the bottle is only have finished, so you do need to treat them with care. Next I apply the Drunk Elephant Daily Defence SPF 30, and that’s it! Easy and simple.

My nighttime routine is a little longer. After cleansing, I apply Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is great at reducing hyperpigmentation and protecting skin from cellular damage, so it’s important to use all year round and should be a skincare staple. I’ve been using the Goop Glow Vitamin C Serum recently and I love it, but I have also used the Drunk Elephant Vitamin C Serum religiously in the past as well. Both are amazing! Vitamin C is a serum you really need to treat carefully if you want to get the full benefits. It should never be left open or in direct sunlight, and the best thing would be to actually store it in your fridge. Next I apply a retinol eye cream, and then the Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum. Once that’s dry I apply a thicker layer of the Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Face Oil. Super simple again! Only 4 products at night with amazing results.

In addition to the above, there are a few things I use interchangeably throughout the week, depending on my skin. My favourite is the Goop Glow Microderm Exfoliator. This is the mask I use the most, at least a few times each week and the results are instant! It’s a new staple for me. The Tata Harper Resurfacing Glow Mask is another one I like to use. I’m also a big fan of mud masks for purifying, especially when I get a little hormonal flare up, and I’ve been using the GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment for that. And last but not least, I love going to Clinique De Mode in downtown Toronto for a monthly hydrafacial! I’ve had many hydrafacials before and they do it best, I seriously miss them when I’m in Germany but always book one for when I’m home.

I hope this is helpful and shows that a tailored skincare routine doesn’t need to include dozens of products with complicated steps. I’ll leave you with my final piece of advice, which is the most obvious but the most important, and that is lots and lots of water! x