Sustainability Spotlight: Attire The Studio

February 11, 2021

I wanted to shine a spotlight on my favourite sustainable brand, Attire the Studio. I came across Attire last Spring, when I started following Xenia Adonts on Instagram. While it seems like every major influencer has their own fashion brand these days, Attire stood out to me. Unlike other fast fashion brands, true sustainability (no greenwashing) is the core value and mission of Attire.

Attire is an honest, transparent, ethical and high quality sustainable luxury brand, with timeless pieces that are produced locally in Europe, and look and feel amazing. It is truly the most sustainable brand I have ever come across. They are 100% transparent about everything. The pricing, which includes the material, labor, and transportation cost, and even the margin they get themselves, is clearly broken down and displayed for each piece. They care deeply about animal welfare, and tell you the exact origins of their yarn and the sheep farms that their wool is produced. Attire only sources certified wool where the sheep have not been harmed during the shearing and where worker safety is ensured. Finally, the entire collection and packaging is completely plastic-free. All of their fabrics are 100% natural and 100% biodegradable. They do not use any polyester or polyester blend fabrics anywhere in their clothing, not even the tags.

There is so much more to their sustainability efforts and if you’re interested I suggest checking out their website. Start with the About section and then the Transparency section, which discloses information about the various factories in which their clothes are made. Even the information given on each product page is detailed and impressive!

I love Attire because the collections are classic, minimal and timeless, and each piece is meant to be a permanent fixture in your wardrobe. I honestly wear my Attire pieces all the time (like multiple times a week) because they are so versatile, comfortable and stylish. So far I have the wool cardigan, the boat neck sweater, the cotton oversized shirt, and my most recent purchase, the silk satin cami. Most of the pieces are meant to be a little oversized so I always go with the XS size since I’m on the shorter side at 5’4, and this has been perfect for me. I definitely have my eye on some pieces in their new “Iconic Attire” collection that I will be ordering as soon as I get back to Germany!

Attire is a young and small brand right now, but they are quickly growing and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this revolutionary brand.