The Best of Spring with Mytheresa

February 17, 2022

Last week I was invited to NYC to preview the best of the Spring collection available at Mytheresa. I’ve been a long-time fan and customer of Mytheresa and their expertly curated selection of designers and brands, so I was thrilled to meet with some of the personal shoppers and see in person their top picks of the season.

I noticed a lot of bright and bold colors – which I always love – and which felt really reflective of the hopeful mood of the moment. Spring is coming, restrictions are easing and life is returning to normal – all things to celebrate! Along with amazing colors and patterns were also incredible textures – the kind you just want to reach out and touch.

It was really amazing to see some of the pieces that I’ve been eyeing online in person as well. These Chloe sneakers always intrigued me, but when I saw them in person I was truly blown away by the stitching and colors, and I purchased them on the spot. Photos don’t do them justice and I can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail! Another one of my purchases (and truly an investment – I’m going to have this piece forever) was this Etro silk kimono. It’s beautiful and timeless and the type of piece I can wear with jeans or over a dress – dressed down or up. And lastly, the bag that surprised me the most was the new Bottega mini Jodi in grey suede. This is another item where photos don’t do it justice – the suede is gorgeous but also felt very durable and strong. Suede can sometimes scare me as it can be extremely delicate and supple, and I wouldn’t want a bag that I would be constantly worried about holding or getting dirty. But I had no fears about that when I picked up this bag, and it seems like the kind of suede you could easily clean as well. I loved this bag and would have purchased it, but I had already reached my limit with the other two items. It’s currently sitting in my wishlist though 🙂

Below are some more of my favorite items from the preview and their best of Spring curation, all availale at Mytheresa. They also have a promo code for new customers until Monday – just type in Reward10 at checkout! xx