The Muse: Silk Scarves

August 5, 2020

After living up north on the lake for 3 months, I have finally figured out how to keep my hair neat and tangle-free while driving in the boat: silk scarves! Took me long enough, but better late than never, right?

Taking inspiration from the French, I decided to give silk scarves in my hair a try when I saw this cute Carolina Herrera radish scarf on one of my favourite luxury consignment websites, The RealReal. Zane and I have been growing and eating a lot of radishes this summer from our garden, and discovered a surprising love of radish sandwiches (I know it sounds strange but give it a try – sliced radishes, butter and baguette, it’s delicious!), so I simply couldn’t resist. I love silk scarves because they add that “je ne sais quoi” to your style that the French are so famous for, and are an easy way to make any outfit French-girl chic. And if you wrap it around your head like a babushka, it’s incredibly practical for windy boat rides. I’ve also seen a recent trend of wearing silk scarves as tops, which makes them even more versatile. We have a trip to Greece coming up in October and I hope to save up for one more silk scarf before then to have in my repertoire!

Below are some of my favourite silk scarves I’ve rounded up from The RealReal. I’ve only ever bought items that have a condition report of “excellent” or “pristine”, so most of the scarves below fall into those categories. However, my sister has purchased items where the condition was listed as “very good” or “good”, and she says they were pretty much in perfect condition except for maybe a minor, microscopic snag that wasn’t noticeable. Because of her testimony, I included some scarves in those categories too (which are discounted even more), like this beautiful Hermès Joyaux de l’Été silk scarf. If I could buy one scarf right now, it would be this one. I absolutely adore the butterflies!