Victoria Peak Hike & Picnic

September 22, 2017

Last night we finally decided we would hike up to Victoria Peak! It’s definitely the most touristy thing to do in Hong Kong, but the views seemed incredible, and we couldn’t not do it while living here. We also finally got our picnic backpack delivered so decided we would hike up in the evening after work and then find a spot to have dinner at the top.

So firstly, I definitely thought this would be an easy hike. I read some posts online, and people wrote about how it was paved the whole way up and an easy hike! Yes it was paved, and yes it really wasn’t that long of a hike, (it only took us an hour) but it was a steep incline the entire way up! Add to that the 30-degree heat and humidity… it was a hard hike. It was a lot of fun though and a great workout. I loved getting higher and higher up and slowly starting to see epic views of the city through the trees.

When we reached the top, we decided to go to The Peak lookout since that apparently had the best views. I knew it was touristy, but I was not expecting it to be that busy! It was a little strange hiking up through forest and jungle and then reaching the top and taking escalators through a mall to get to the lookout. Once we got to the lookout area, we could barely move. We were able to find a few spots here and there right by the railing and get some good views and pictures, but it was a little overwhelming with all those people. We didn’t stay very long, maybe 15-20 minutes and then decided to hike to the park to have our dinner.

We took a wrong turn on our way to the park so never actually made it, but it worked out perfectly because we got some amazing views of the city. Much better views than The Peak lookout and barely anyone else around! By the time we realized that we had made a wrong turn the sun had already set and we were hungry. So, we climbed a little bit up some rocks and had our picnic overlooking the city! It was insanely beautiful all lit up like that, and definitely a better view than we would have had at the park.

After dinner, we decided to take a taxi home. This is one of the most convenient aspects of this hike –  you can taxi or take the tram back down! As we were leaving, we both said that we wanted to come back and have a picnic on those rocks again, but next time be a little more prepared – those rocks were steep and it was a little hard setting up our charcuterie board and wine glasses on them haha. I’m so happy we made that wrong turn, and so happy that I get to call this city home!